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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sweaters For Dogs

Your pet dog wags his tail, and you feel like taking him into your arms and pampering him or cuddling him up. Your love for your dog can be as deep as for any other family member. Obviously you want to bring him up in the best possible way and give him all the comforts of life. Not only have you aggrandized his little wardrobe with smart clothing, booties, toys, collars, leashes and bowls but also have arranged a cozy bed in his dog house. You have made sure to get perfect clothing for him to suit the causal occasions like going to a park for walk or to any friend's house, and formal events like weddings and Halloween or Christmas party. Sweaters for dogs cannot be forgotten in this regard.

You would never want your poodle to suffer from the harsh and cold winds. Though he has been blessed with a natural furry coat to protect him from chilling climate, but taking him as a part of your family, you take this extra effort to protect him from dire weather conditions. You then buy sweaters for dogs and keep him warm. The dog fashion industry has come up with several designer sweaters for dogs and you have an ample range of collection to choose from.

Woolens and sweaters for dogs come in various styles, patterns and colors. Some are simply woven while there are others which are studded with precious and semiprecious stones to make it look more elegant. Fleece coats have also flourished in the market. Sweaters, coats and the fleece t-shirts are made from various fabrics including denim, feather, lace, fur, faux and even leather. To add more beauty to these designer winter-wears, they are bejeweled with crystals, hearts, bows, buttons, and pearls and even gold or silver. Depending on the material and design, evidently, the price also varies. The pattern of these winter garments too varies. Knitting is the most common method used for making sweaters for dogs. Mufflers, mittens, scarves, tanks and body suits can also be woven for complete protection of your pampered pooches.

Sometimes if you feel that sweaters for dogs are not enough to prevent them from chilling winds, you can also opt for coats. For your feminine diva you can get a coat made from fur. These coats are trendy and warm and keep your pet happy in winter. You may want to knit some sweaters for your canine friend, and show your love for him, but with the market full of designer garments and that too at affordable prices, why not get something more fanciful for him. Moreover, there has been a great revolution in the dog fashion industry and there is a stiff competition among the dog owners to dress their pooches smartly. You can also buy sweaters for dogs from some boutiques and make your sophisticated friend look modish. This also shows your love and care for your bona FIDO member of the family.
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