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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Heatstroke in Dogs

When a dog is incapable of releasing heat from his body and warms himself up too much, it is commonly known as a heatstroke. This can lead to harm to his body organs as they also end up getting heated. This heating up can even result in a dog’s untimely death.

You must look for signs that tell you whether he is suffering from a heatstroke or not. If he is panting too much and the panting appears to be very heavy, if he has a high pulse rate or if he has intense red gums, he has a heatstroke. Your dog might also look lifeless and drained, which is similar to the human condition during a heatstroke. If you ignore these signs, your dog might even fall unconscious.

House him in an airy and cool place. Also keep him constantly soaking in water so that the heat wears off. Another good idea would be to put him in a tub of ice for a little while. But do not overdo this. If his temperature comes back to a normal 103 degree Celsius then pull him out of the tub. If you do not maintain vigilance, then he might end up with hypothermia.

The dog should be taken to a vet as soon as he cools down and it is all right to move him. Young dogs and older ones are more susceptible to heatstroke and should be carefully looked after.

Even once the heating period is over, the dog faces risks of brain damage and lack of fluids, so look out for the symptoms. But if he doesn’t already suffer from it, it is very easy to avoid a heatstroke. You must give him plenty of water to drink and keep him in a cool place. He should not be overworked on a hot day. These simple things will keep him cool and healthy.

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