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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Artificial grass and pets

Tired of struggling to keep your backyard green - because that love of your life - your dog - doesn’t seem to share your same passion for that? The unfortunate reality is that when animals urinate on grass - typically in the same spots over and over again - it kills the grass. It is for this reason that artificial grass is gaining popularity with dog lovers. It is being installed at dog kennels. It is being used in pet training facilities! It is even being used by service providers that sell/market carriers and used with absorbent pads in apartment facilities.

Purchase Green offers products from multiple artificial grass manufacturers that are all pet friendly! They also have artificial grass installation partners available to assist dog lovers with their artificial grass installation.

Artificial grass pricing and specifications at your finger tips. Pictures of artificial grass products - both product pictures and installed pictures - at your finger tips. Lead test results for all their products are available! Artificial grass and synthetic turf product specification sheets - again available online! They are available for consultation for first time and/or new installers. They will provide on-the-job installation training.

Synthetic turf and artificial grass dealer Purchase Green is proud to announce it’s grand opening as the first true online dealer of artificial grass, synthetic turf, and artificial grass accessories. Artificial grass products are bacteria free and allergen free. They also don’t require the use of fertilizers and pesticides that may be harmful to pets. They save water as well!
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